B.Sc Degree Course (Hons) in Microbiology

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Duration: 6 Semesters (Three Years)

Total Marks = 3600

Eligibility: For admission in B.Sc, students from the science stream with 10+2 (HS exam) or equivalent (ISC, CBSE etc.) examination having Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Mathematics (any two Science subject is compulsory) and pass mark in each subject will be eligible.

Theoretical Papers : 24 Papers (Marks = 2400)

Total Credit = 16 Credits per semester = 6 x 16 = 96

Practical / Project Papers: 12 papers (Marks = 1200)

Total Credit = 4 Credits per semester = 6 x 4 = 24

Total Credit in 6 semester = 96 + 24 = 120

4 credit (Theory) means 3 lecture hours & 1 Tutorial per week

or 42 lectures per semester per paper

2 credit (Lab.) means at least 40 hours of lab work per semester per paper


  • Because of the increasing demand for training manpower in the area of Genetics, Molecular Biology, Genetic Medicine and Biotechnology, it was the consensus of the committee (Faculties & experts) that this course should be broad based and should be able to give a good insight into modern biology and important component of hands-on training to the students. Thus by nature it will be an interdisciplinary course.
  •  For admission, students from the Science stream with 10+2 (HS exam) or equivalent, ISC, CBSE exam will be eligible.
  • Admission will be through selection test CET (Common Entrance Examination) and also on the basis of the merit.
  • The number of students for this course to be admitted this year will be 30.
  • The fee structure should be on no grant basis as applicable to technical courses.
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