Welcome to Bigpage Online Trade Shows India

Invite-only trade shows for India's wholesale sellers and buyers to connect live online

Exclusive Interactions. Zero Cost. Zero Travel.

What is Trade Shows::

Social distancing doesn't mean businesses need to compromise on building connections with sellers and buyers, or sharing knowledge and insights. Bigpage beliefs in connecting and keeping people together.

Bigpage.in’s India Online Trade Shows are real-time interactive, curated experiences designed to help buyers and sellers meet — all online. The monthly category-specific events feature top sellers promoting their products with interested buyers ready to do business.

Who will attend the Shows:

  • Qualified manufacturers, wholesalers and brands of India will be showcasing their products
  • Verified business buyers looking to buy in bulk
  • Category experts and industry leaders providing insights

What To get In the Shows

1) Arranged Interactions: All these events will be customized, category-specific and can be attended by only invitation. We want to build meaningful connections between highly qualified buyers and sellers.

2) Successful Product Discovery: Presence of participating sellers through their capabilities and products for interested buyers through live streaming from around the country.

3) Pointed Speakers and unique content: Expert speakers will be presented with latest trends and industry insights; they will have digital ideas full of helpful resources for businesses.

4) Face to face interactions and follow ups: Buyers attend pre-arranged face-to-face meetings with sellers and can continue this conversation in Bigpage.in where they can request samples and transact.

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