What is Bigpage?

Bigpage.in is an e-commerce website owned and operated by Bigpage E Commerce Pvt Ltd. It is the leading wholesale marketplace for global trade which connects high quality global suppliers to millions of buyers around the globe. Buyers in Bigpage are trade agents, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and SMEs who come here to exploit countless opportunities, resources, and benefits which Bigpage makes available to the world.

There is an exhaustive list of products from different categories to meet the various needs of your business: Medical Equipment, Fashion, Building & Construction, Electronics, Gifts & Crafts, Food & Beverage, Automobiles, Machinery, Health, Beauty & More.

As a seller, why should I use Bigpage.in?

As a seller, you should use Bigpage.in n order to receive safe payment from the buyer because:

Sell your products across India with confidence.

Get payments instantly after successfully delivering the product.

Do business without traveling to other locations for payment collection.

Enjoy all the above benefits at zero cost.

As a buyer, why should I use Bigpage.in?

As a buyer, you should use Bigpage.in in order to pay to the sellers because:

Seller receives payment only after you receive the goods.

Purchase without worrying about getting the wrong products delivered after payment.

Purchase from any seller across India with confidence.

Get an immediate refund if you receive the wrong product.

Get all the above benefits free of cost.

What are the payment modes that Bigpage accepts?

Following are the payment modes, a buyer can use:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking

Can the seller/buyer change the terms of the transaction after payment?

No!The transaction cannot be changed post payment. The existing transaction will have to be cancelled and a new one will be created once the payment is processed. Only requests for extension of delivery timeline are allowed post payment but it is a subject to the confirmation by the buyer.

Why are seller & buyer bank account information required?

Seller bank account information is required to make the payments directly into the account, once the goods have been accepted by the buyer. For the buyer, the bank account information is needed to make the refund, if any.

How long does it take for sellers to get the payment?

Funds are disbursed within 24-48 hours after the delivery of right goods. The transaction is completed once the buyer successfully accepts the delivery and updates about it on the Bigpage.in account.

When Seller ships the items?

The seller is notified by Bigpage.in to ship the items once we verify that the payment from the Buyer is received.

Who pays the shipping cost?

The Buyer and Seller mutually agree as to who is going to pay the shipping cost and the total amount payable through Bigtpage.in is the net cost of the products included shipping, taxes and so on. Hence, Bigpaqge.in charges the net worth of the goods. However, no split payments or partial payments will be entertained by Bigpage.in. We transfer the total amount to the Seller we receive from the buyer.

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