Cough Care Tea

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  • Cough associated with running nose can be relieved by drinking hot water mixed with turmeric
  • Smoke emitting from burnt turmeric serves as a strong expectorant.
  • Chronic cold and cough can be relieved by keeping a small piece of turmeric in mouth all-night
  • Roast the turmeric root and ground it in to powder
  • Take about 1-2 gm of this roasted turmeric powder along with honey thrice a day to obtain relief from dry persistent cough
  • Mix 1-2 tsp of pure curcumin powder in warm milk, mix thoroughly.
  • Using this concoction twice a day offers relief from cough in just two days. This remedy works better for cough caused by bacteria.


  • It is said that when Mother Nature creates a diseases, she also creates the cure
  • The activity of microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi are at their peak in the Tropics, so most of the medicinal plants to treat those dangerous things are found there too
  • Tea tree is one such plant
  • It can cure some of the most horrible and dangerous bacterial infections found in the tropics. Wounds, which are prone to contracting bacterial infections in this region, can be effectively cured and protected using this oil. This oil is seldom taken orally, but if you do, it should be in mild concentrations
  • It can cure internal bacterial infections such as those in the colon, stomach, intestines, excretory system, and urinary system
  • It can also be used in treatment of tuberculosis
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