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Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel are well-known, and it has a wide array of uses. Aloe Vera is a juicy plant, species of the genus Aloe. It grows in tropical climates worldwide, and it is cultivated for agricultural, decorative and medicinal uses. It is added to shampoos, lotions, face washes, soaps, and other personal care products. Also, the Aloe Vera Gel is better-known for its moisturizing nature, antibacterial property, rich vitamin C and E content. We offer natural and pure Aloe Vera Gel. There are several quality packaging options at economical prices.

Extraction Method :-

By slicing / chopping the thick leaves of Aloe Vera plant, its gel is carefully extracted by using fresh aloe leaves with the use of modern processing techniques.

Composition :-

Aloe Vera mainly contains water, polysaccharides, and components such as vitamins (A, C, E), enzymes, amino acids, sterols, glycosides, lipids, glucomannans, and anthraquinones etc.

Properties :-

  • CAS NO : 85507-69-3
  • EINECS NO : 287-390-8
  • Appearance : Colorless, viscous & transparent
  • Odor & Taste : Odorless and slightly bitter in taste
  • Blends with : Essential oils such as honey, lemon, and coconut oil 

Uses & Surprising Benefits of Aloe Vera :-

  • Helpful in the treatment of skin problems, such as sunburn, eczema, acne, skin blister, itching and psoriasis etc.
  • Supports skin firmness and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • A natural moisturizer for oily skin.
  • Reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, and boosts oxygenation in blood.
  • It prevents kidney stones, cancers and tumors.
  • Acts as anti-inflammatory and encourage new cell growth.
  • It reduces bleeding, swelling and inflammation of gums.
  • Its nutritional property is good for overall health.
  • Helps in digestion, relieves in ulcers and stomach troubles.
  • Offer healthy scalp and make hair smooth & shiny.
  • Aloe Vera has pain relief action on joints and muscles.
  • Effective in constipation, colon cancer, lubricates the digestive tract, and heals intestines.

Safety & Precaution :-

Using Aloe Vera generally does not create any significant side effect. Consult to physician / expert practitioner in condition of pregnancy or nursing.

Packaging Details :-

  • 5kg, 25kg, 180kg & 200kg Drums 
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