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The role of field sales executives is a client-facing role which involves travelling round and holding meetings with clients and potential clients as the representative of a company, its products and services. As well as generating as much revenue as possible through sales, field executives manage accounts and maintain client relationships through organising professional and semi-social gatherings. The role also involves administering all the paperwork and logistical issues that attend this work. The primary purpose of a job in sales is, as the title suggests, to sell.. However, the position of field sales executive is generally considered to be superior to that of a standard sales executive, and, as such, it incurs a proportionate amount of extra workload. Working both in and out of the office, field sales executives are expected to keep up with the large amount of paperwork and meticulous diary-keeping that goes with their accounts. This includes keeping track of meetings, future and past, and contact details, sometimes making bookings or arranging insurance or legal matters for products, and updating computer databases back in the office, as well as reporting back to their area managers.


Salaries for field sales executives are usually bonus-oriented, with some roles entirely commission-based – or to put it another way, no basic pay at all! However, all serious field sales jobs will offer a decent basic salary – usually Rs.10,000-25,000 for a junior position –plus a bonus that can often hit Rs.30,000 on target earnings (OTE). Indeed, the uncapped bonuses that are increasingly offered by companies mean that in theory, field sales executives can earn limitless wages.


Field sales executives are counted on to represent the company they work for to existing and potential clients. An executive acts as the ‘face’ of his or her company, and as such is responsible for forging, maintaining and expanding links between corporations.

A typical day will revolve around client meetings, but can also include calling up potential new clients and discussing future sales possibilities. Following up on meetings with e-mails and telephone contact, and keeping up with paperwork are also important parts of the job.

A good field sales executive will also keep up with industry news for their trade sector, and particularly, keep an eye on company developments for any major corporate clients, through monitoring industry press.


No qualifications are required for entry-level field sales positions, although some positions will require HSC,BA,BSC or MA, and some will even stipulate a university degree. However, a university degree is not necessarily a prerequisite for this job.

There are a number of professional qualifications designed to enhance company training and experience. These qualifications will put any applicant at a huge advantage. Look for details on the websites listed below to enrol on courses.

A background of study in the relevant sector is often recommended for technical and medical field sales jobs.

Working Conditions

The job tends to operate within normal office hours, but will often include evening or even weekend meetings, or return travel that can impinge on free time. These ‘extras’ vary wildly from company to company, and even from client to client. Executives can also be expected to work late or overtime in order to hit targets or meet deadlines. This expectation is usually rewarded with a reciprocal bonus paid out on a regular basis.

The conditions within field sales central offices tend to be of a high standard. However, the mental stressors that arise from the nature of the work – long hours, frequent travel, and so on - are taken increasingly seriously by employers, and a rise in flexi-time work, or working from home, can be seen as a result of this.

Career Progression

Most field sales executives apply for promotion from positions as in-house sales executives – telesales executives or account handlers. People do come in from other professions or as graduates, but this is rare. This is because a certain amount of familiarity with the product and the company being represented is desirable.

Moving on, field sales executives can continue in their role, with promotion coming as they handle increasingly important accounts. Others relocate to work for larger companies for higher pay.

Experience in field sales can be desirable for any senior role in sales, advertising and marketing, so graduates looking for a way into these professions might consider a field sales role along their way.


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