Home improvement services


Home improvement refers to the building projects that change the structure of an existing home. It can improve gardens, lawns and outdoor structure like garages. It includes the maintenance, home renovation or remodeling for the home improvement projects. Sometimes it encompasses maintenance, repair and general services. Generally, there are two options of home improvement project such as, hiring a general contractor, hiring specialized contractors. A general contractor controls a home improvement project that includes multiple branches. A general contractor acts like project manager, giving access to the website, removing debris, coordinating work schedules and perform some aspects of the work. Home owners can also avoid the general contractor and hire tradesmen themselves like plumbers, electricians and roofers.

At a Glance:

  • How to find home repair services?
  • Some home improvement ideas
  • Some home improvement companies in India
  • Fees of home maintenance
  • Services of property maintenance and management
  • Mission of home improvement
  • How to make your kitchen look beautiful?
  • Paint cabinetry with modern colors
  • Installation of new lighting
  • Add decorative elements
  • Some renovating mistakes
  • How to enhance the outdoor look of your home?
  • Lighting ideas to consider while renovating
  • The perfect pantry

How to find home repair services?

A few websites and apps list home professionals and you can even book them for you. The availability of the service depends on your location and the type of project you are searching for. It is important to use one that thoroughly checks the contractors they send to your home and ensures that the work will be done in due time. Each service manages these things just a little bit different way.


Some home improvement ideas

  1. Designing Basics
    • Finding your style
    • Choose the right color
    • Furnishing
    • Believe on your taste


  1. Space utilization and storage
  2. Clutter Handling
  3. Make your room looking bigger
  4. In-vogue lighting trends
  5. Kitchen Designing
  6. Economic Decoration


Some home improvement companies in India

  1. Bipin Facilities Management Private Limited
    Regional Manager: Rohit Pange
    Address: Office No. 8, Opposite Park Royal Society, Near Akash Ganga Society, Kokane Chowk
    Pune – 411027, Maharashtra, India

Telephone: 08048555308

  1. Atmiya Hospitality Services
    Proprietor: Vikas Gaur
    Address: H-1, Chitrakoot Society, Near PF Office, Akota Stadium Road
    Vadodara – 390020, Gujarat, India

Telephone: 08048005682

  1. Aarya Property Protection Meedia

c/o Arya Rest House, GMC no 120, 6th Lane
Brindavan Gardens, Opp. Chandra Gas Building
Guntur – 522606
Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: +91-9848356347


  1. Casa Grande Prop Care

No. 40/129A, Shivani Towers, 2nd Floor, ECR, Thiruvanmiyur
Chennai – 600041
Tamil Nadu, India

Call Us: +91-8045318295


  1. Just Dial Properties

Proprietor: Jitendra Chodhri

Plot no, 1191 sector 5 Bashundhra Ghaziabad
Ghaziabad – 201012
Uttar Pradesh, India

Call Us: +91-8045353330


  1. Home Maintenance Company

22/496 Indira Nagar Block A
Near Shalimaar Chauraha
Lucknow (Uttar Praddesh)
Phone: +91 800 456 1000
Email: contact@homemaintenancecompany.in


  1. Balaji Property Solutions

Proprietor: Abhay Gupta
Call Us: +91-8048008429

Address: 100, Maruti Puram, Faizabad Road
Lucknow – 226016
Uttar Pradesh, India


  1. R & S Group

Phone/Mobile: 033 – 30815590

Address: 101/1A, Dr. Suresh Chandra Banerjee Road, Beleghata, Kolkata – 700010

Land Mark: Near Near Belaghata Jora Mandir

Email: rnsgroup2013@gmail.com

Contact Person: Subir Sarkar

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM

  1. Lokenath Labour Service


Phone/Mobile: 033 – 30815946

Address: Adarsha Pally P.O. Box, PS – Baguiati, Gouranganagar, Kolkata – 700059

Email: lokenathlabourservice@gmail.com

Contact Person: Dayal Dhali

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday: 24 Hrs

  1. Jennifer Enterprises

Phone/Mobile: 033 – 33147941

Address: 63, Tiljala Road, Park Circus, Kolkata – 700046

Email: jennef.erenterprises@yahoo.com

Contact Person: Francis Bernard

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday: 24 Hrs

Fees of home maintenance

Maintenance charge of a residential building is as high as Rs 1.5 lakh a month for a 10,000 sq ft apartment. Even the smallest 2550 sq ft configuration flat it costs Rs 40000 based on monthly fee of Rs 16 per sq ft. In Gurgaon, some high-end properties charge Rs 7 to 10 per sq ft and the size of the apartments are 4000 to 5000 sq ft.

Services of property maintenance and management

  • House cleaning on the monthly or Bi-monthly or Quarterly basis
  • Property maintenance (handyman work, plumbing, electrification, painting, etc.)
  • Home decoration and interior design
  • Rent a flat / house in Kolkata
  • Buy or sale property in Kolkata

Mission of home improvement

The mission, vision and values statement of every major retail home improvement includes the brand, culture and customer experience. Every job, vision and values are unique as the merchandise and shopping experience of every home improvement. Different jobs are included in home improvement project like roofing, siding, windows, remodeling, and more at competitive rates. Expert and customer-friendly team is prepared to serve you in all your requirements. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

How to make your kitchen look beautiful?

  1. Paint a lighter color
  2. Change cabinet doors
  3. Change lighting
  4. Use artwork
  5. Window treatment
  6. Hide small appliances
  7. Change an old bowl or decorative elements
  8. Paint your appliances with stainless steel color
  9. Go for modular kitchen
  10. Periodically clean the shelves
  11. Modular kitchen
  12. Use lighting to add interest

Paint cabinetry with modern colors

Homes that love their present kitchen cabinets but would like to add modern appeal should add colors. Painting, staining, and even replacing cabinetry doors with new and modern ones are a huge choice for the homeowners on a budget. There are ample of unreal finishes you can try while painting kitchen cabinets for the kitchen improvement projects. From textured doors to painted glasses, you will be surprised how some additional color will transform your old cabinetry into new one.

Installation of new lighting

Once you have modernized the major components of your kitchen, you should think about lighting. Kitchen lighting can be very minimal but it is essential for safety, atmosphere and flexibility. You can think installing a dimmer switch for versatile mood and illumination strength while cooking, entertaining or just relaxing for a snack in the midnight. Pendent lighting over a kitchen island to illuminate countertops and chandeliers become wonderful options for updated lighting sources.

Add decorative elements

Your kitchen is a wonderful place to add decorative elements to bring a sense of you and your lifestyle into the kitchen. For lots of home shelves on top of the cabinets permit area for artwork, sculptures, plants and other decorative items. Adding a vase of flowers, a fresh bowl of limes or lemons for a shot of color brings a sense to your modern kitchen with decorative additions.

Some renovating mistakes

  1. Buying cheap materials
  2. Inaccurate measurement
  3. Skipping the preparation work
  4. Gutting everything
  5. Extreme use of duct tape
  6. Using the wrong tools
  7. Making a small bathroom
  8. Ignoring lighting
  9. Be too much trendy
  10. Making small doors
  11. Failure to foresee chaos
  12. Wrong storage of materials
  13. Not using green materials
  14. Use of wrong paint types
  15. Making narrow staircases
  16. Selection of wrong windows
  17. Neglecting safety
  18. Neglecting your homework
  19. Failed updating electrical system
  20. Avoiding permits

How to enhance the outdoor look of your home?

Following are the top three ways to enhance your outdoor living area. This can help you getting the return on investment you are looking:

  1. Well planned landscaping
  • Low maintenance garden
  • The tree effect
  • Custom lighting
  1. Outdoor living designs
  2. Make a sanctuary in the backward.

Lighting ideas to consider while renovating

  1. Plan your wiring
  2. Don’t leave lighting
  3. Consider useful lighting ideas
    • Artwork features
    • Task lighting
    • Down lights
    • Chandeliers
    • Entertaining areas
    • Good light source
    • Light up the kitchen

The perfect pantry

  • Modest kitchens should have pantry space. Make room for a walk-in or get creative with your system.
  • Customize your shelves to suit the types of food you buy.
  • Pull-out systems and carousels let you making the most of a deep pantry.
  • LED down lights inside the pantry will help you getting the things that you are searching.

Bottom Line:

If you want to renovate your home you won’t make it without a good plan. A well-thought and clear plan will help you taking the matter seriously, even if you are new in the world of home renovation, home improvement or home repair service. Even it is more important that the process of making a really great strategy will systemically guide you through every facet of your jobs and you will think your idea in a holistic way. You should plan thoroughly and take some time to get prepared as you go. If you don’t have enough preparation then you are preparing for failure.

Your To-Do List:

Step 1: Research online to search for the home repair services in India.

Step 2: Search about the services offered by them. Check whether they fulfill your needs.

Step 3: Check fees charged by the each service providers and ensure that it satisfies your budget.

Step 4: Contact the right service provider and book an appointment to your place.

Step 5: Let the technician come to your premise and check the faults.

Step 6: Take necessary estimate for the home improvement projects and let start.