5 things you’re doing wrong in the kitchen


Kitchen is the most difficult place to manage if you don’t have the art and the skill to manage it. More than 80% of the people managing kitchen admits their world turned topsy-turvy once they entered the kitchen arena.
There is no reason why you cannot manage your kitchen better. So let’s see what things you are doing wrong and how you can rectify them.

Need to know

Wrong use of spoons
The most common mistake in kitchen is the wrong use of spoon for doing activities which needs a separate tool to perform. Just stop using spoons to scoop things like ice cream and instead use ice cream scoops.

Use of PET bottles for storing water

So fond of cold drinks, that we start using the bottles even after finishing the drinks and beverages. But how many of us can ignore that we do not that clear instructions to crush the bottle after finishing the drink. This use has harmful effects and should stop immediately. Instead use bottles made of glass.

Using wrong containers to store food
Take care in storing your food. The food gets spoilt easily and it is not easy to serve also from those compressed containers. So choose those containers which have some good cover to protect the food and also make serving easier. Use of plastic containers for storing food is not at all advisable.

Use of nail cutters in kitchen
Many of us find a very convenient way of opening bottles which are sealed. But just giving a little thought would make the picture clear. First and foremost it is very unhygienic to use nail cutters which are dirty for opening bottles and using contents for consumption. Instead make use of a bottle opener which will not cost you much.

Improper use of knife
Some excessive use of knife is visible in many household. There are things like pizza which has cheese smeared all around and using knife may spoil the entire thing. So why not stop using knife and use pizza-cutter to make the process look smooth and easier. Surely you will love doing it and enjoy your stay in the kitchen.

Discover Secret
• There are host of beautiful kitchen related products in the market but all are not of good quality. Ignore the cheap products.
• Avoid buying unnecessary utensils and jam your kitchen place.
• Never try to use items like nail cutter like items in the kitchen as it is really unhygienic.
• There are many things which can be done to manage kitchen better. Get valuable facts browsing the net and also from your peer group.
• Keep your kitchen neat and clean so as to keep it germ free.

Tips to manage your kitchen better