How to set up a free Website or a Blog quickly


With numerous options available for blogging, choosing a free blogging platform might seem to be a major headache to the novice. However, there are only two blogging platforms which have made all the noise and won over every blogger’s heart – WordPress and Blogger. While the ultimate choice may be a matter of your preference, choosing the most suitable ones ultimately depends on the reason for which one wants to get into the blogging world.

An overview of blogger

Anything to do with Google cannot be all that bad, can it. Since one of the main advantages of choosing Blogger is that you can set up your blog account within a few minutes by simply setting up your account. Moreover, this account is extremely easy to use and maintain and you do not need any special skills to start posting blogs or to earn money online. A few of the main features of Blogger are –

  • Ease of Use: Blogger is extremely easy to use and maintain. You can add new posts and pages or switch in between designs with relative ease. Those who prefer to skip designing can simply choose one of the existing templates or layouts.
  • The domain names would be something like “” (the “.uk” shall change depending on which country you are based in). However, by shelling out just $10, you can get your own domain name. The main advantage of choosing this option is that you do not need to look into aspects such as hosting costs – hosting is free for Blogger users.
  • Blogger supports almost all the features that a basic blog should have. Therefore, you do not need any technical backgrounds to make and use a blog with Blogger. You do not need to understand any coding or HTML to browse through the existing templates and customizing them to your needs and requirements.
  • Let yourself get bamboozled by the amazing gadgetry which is on display at Blogger. Blogger allows you to add amazing features such as slide shows, currency converters, news, search boxes, etc. with the click of a button – that too for free! It also allows you to place these features wherever you want in your blog without having to pay for them. Furthermore, if you know the code to a gadget, you can add your own gadgets as well.
  • AdSense Integration is a walk in the park. Since AdSense and Blogger are essentially Google products, they complement each other seamlessly. Therefore, those who wish to make money online with the help of blogs should take a serious look at blogger since you can get AdSense as a default option. Moreover, you can also earn money online by directly activating AdSense from your blog.

An overview of WordPress

Moving to the other blogging platform which has been creating headlines, we must say – you need to see it to believe it. WordPress is popular as an open source content management system which offers you with complete customization options. Do not get confused by and – they are essentially the same brand. The only difference is that offers free hosting and domain names while is the official site of WordPress. The .org is mostly used by bloggers who wish to make money online by downloading WordPress on a domain which they own. A few features of WordPress are –

  • You do not need to pay a penny. All you need is a hosting plan from any reputed company and a domain name. WordPress offers single click installations and its easy to use interface ensures that you hardly need to move your fingers.
  • WordPress removes all limitations from your blog. Since it is essentially an open source platform, you can do whatever you feel like. Choose from thousands of themes and customize them exactly as per your wish.
  • One feature which makes WordPress stand out is its plugins and gadgetry. WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to its users which are easy to install and add various functions to the website. For example, one WordPress plugin allows you to comment on your website directly from Facebook. Furthermore, installation of these plugins is extremely easy and the fact that they come free of cost makes WordPress a “killer” blogging platform.
  • Do not get disheartened if you choose WordPress over Blogger when it comes to AdSense. You can easily integrate AdSense into your WordPress powered blog and can also customize it to make it Search Engine friendly. Those who wish to make money online can add a few plugins as well to maximize their website’s potential.
  • Another feature is that you own the website and have complete ownership over your content. You really do not need to bother about someone shutting you out or closing your account without informing you.


  1. Themes Support – One of the main reasons for the unsurpassed popularity of WordPress are its themes. With a humongous collection of completely customizable themes to choose from, you can never go wrong when it comes to finding a theme which suits your needs. Even if you don’t find something in the free category, you can always install premium themes at extremely low costs. If the theme still does not satisfy your needs, simply contact the developers who are waiting to prepare a custom theme for you.
  2. Plugin Support – As they say in the WordPress community – “There is a plugin for everything!” Irrespective of what you want to accomplish, you can always find a plugin which completely suits your purposes.
  3. Search Engines and Cross Blog Communications – The Trackback and Pingback standards are supported by WordPress. This allows you to easily notify Search Engines and other blogging services.
  4. Web compliance – WordPress has gone out of its way to ensure that every code which is generated is fully compatible with the W3C standards. This not only helps with usability and browser compatibility, but is essential for SEO as well.
  5. Complete Media Support – there are various methods such as images, slide shows, flash codes, audio and embedded videos which can make your website look extremely appealing. This is one aspect where WordPress has proven to be extremely handy since it offers excellent media support. With WordPress you are not just limited to media. Features such as Google maps, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Scribd can be easily installed as well.
  6. Upgrades – Upgrading your previous versions as well as shifting to WordPress is extremely simple. WordPress usually has a one click install feature for most of its features.
  7. Protection from Spam – WordPress boasts of robust tools like the integrated blacklist and the open proxy checker which helps you to manage and eliminate spam from your blogs.
  8. Complete User Registration – A built in user registration system allows bloggers to maintain and register profiles and leave authentic comments on your blog as well.