1st Muslim Girl Tops West Bengal Commercial Tax Service Exam


Suraiya Ghaffar became the first Muslim woman from Metiabruz, Kolkata to top the West Bengal Commercial Tax Service. Her achievement can be considered remarkable as she has cleared the state’s toughest exam not as a candidate to be listed as the backward class quota but as a general candidate. She could have easily appeared as an OBC candidate.

This is a growing trend among the Muslims educated youths in Kolkata and is highly appreciable. Encouraging news is that among the top five candidates there are three Muslims candidates who all cleared the exam as general candidates. This news has been confirmed by the minority affairs and madrasah education department.

Suraiya who is 23 years old was so confident of her success that she decided to test her skills as a general candidate. She was confident of her educational background would help her clear the exam without taking the help of the reservation quota.

The girl from Metiabruz struggled from the beginning but has been able to overcome all pressures in her life. She completed her schooling from a local school and later got herself admitted in a college in central Kolkata for which she had travel for at least 2 hours. She is the eldest of the five siblings and her father works in the electricity department of the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited.

Suraiya greatest comforts in her life are her father and her husband.  She has been greatly influenced by these two persons and owes her success to them. She has put all her hard work and had that determination to succeed. Her husband has been a source of encouragement. He help her with study materials and tutorials to help her make preparation for the exam.

There were some 50,000 candidates who appeared for the WBCS examination in the year 2014 and only 4000 got cleared for the mains. But only 400 candidates qualified for the interview stage for the services which are listed in Group A and Group B. Apart from commercial tax service other services also includes labour, excise and agriculture service. A total number of 40 candidates have cleared the commercial tax service exam.

This success story of Suraiya Ghaffar’s would surely encourage other Muslim candidates to skip the reservation quota and appear as a general candidate. The commercial tax exam is considered to be toughest among all the exams but the confidence she has created in herself led her to the success. Her strong academic background and her ultimate success also tell the fact that the minority community is also gearing up well for the level of competition. This success story also tells about the fact that the atmosphere is Bengal is as good as other state and anyone with the right desire and determination can reach their pinnacle of their life staying in Bengal only.

The Muslims youth of Bengal has really shown the way that you don’t need the helping stick of reservation to taste success if you have the skill and the wish to succeed in any competitive exam you wish to sit for.