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Cab booking – something for everyone

As taxis and mini-cab rides take you door to door, it greatly reduces the effort of switching between many modes of transport. It takes the stress out of your travel and often results in a faster journey. Mini-cabs can also work out cheaper than the train or coach especially when you are traveling in a group. Calculating fares from mini cab companies helps you comparing real time quotes pre-set by the companies themselves.

The country wide network will ensure you getting the best deal as the lowest quote may not always be the company nearest to you. For example, it is often cheaper for a quite firm outside the city to come into town to pick you up and drop you near the base. Professional licensed taxi cab companies are known as private hire operators. You can book executive car mini-cabs, hybrid mini-cabs and taxis for up to 8 passengers through web, android apps and iOS.

You may look for a taxi cab around a city or you may look to get to or from the centre of a city or just to the airport, a cab can often turn out to be quicker and cheaper than a train even. Let us leave it on the service provider who can take the stress of booking your cab journey. Instead of freezing in the cold because of another public transport delay just book cheap taxis & mini cabs online. Let the service providers get you there in a warm car on a timetable that suits you.

At a glance

  • How to book cabs?
  • The cost of cabs
  • How to get call taxi?
  • Features of call taxi
  • Role of the driver
  • Extension of call taxi service
  • Call taxi services in Kolkata
  • How payments are processed?
  • Different payment options
  • Type of credit cards allowed for payment
  • How can you change your booking?
  • What you should do in case you loss booking request number?

How to book cabs?

You can book a taxi online or call the service provider. You can also book a Radio Taxi now through mobile apps. Booking cab service in metros in India at cheap taxi fare helps. You don’t require making any prior online payments. Just book a ride in the cabs in India metros and you can make payment later. It is considered one of the most reliable taxi services in Indian metros. A wide variety of cars are to choose from Innova, Indica, AC cabs, Non-AC cabs for your travel to and from Mumbai. Cab service is reliable, secure, never late and most important to afford. You can try for the most reliable and cheep cab service.

The cost of cabs

Booking cabs for your commune will save your time and money. It is safe and on-time travel to your destination and it is the most reliable cab service also. Meru cabs, digital tamper proof meter on board and also an e-bill receipt at the end of the ride will guarantee you the passenger pays in line with the suggested fare structure and no more. Fares in the different metros in Kolkata are as follows:

There are two timings in Kolkata like day time and night time. In the day time (5 am to 11 pm) the fare is Rs 49 for the first 2 kms. The rate will become Rs 15/km after 2 km and the waiting charges is Rs 2/min. In the night time (11 pm to 5 am) the fare is Rs 61.25 for the first 2 kms. The rate is Rs 18.75/km after 2 km. and the waiting charge is 2.5/min.

How to get call taxi?

Need to order a call taxi? You can call a service provider at any time of the day or night to get a taxi. Within minutes a metered and well appointed AC taxi will arrive to take you comfortably and safely to the destination. State of the art customer contact center caters to a big number of cab bookings annually. Unlike any other taxi service, each cab of the fast track fleet is fitted with electronic tamper proof meters. This ensures a transparent and right billing system.

Features of call taxi

Local services are available in around the metros in India. Centralized call center is available for 24×7 for online pickup and drop. Very soon this service is widening in more metros in India. In Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry the fleet strength is around 3000 cars. These cars are available at Airport or Railway station transfer.

Role of the driver

Service providers provide expert chauffeurs to drive for you at 24 hours in the lavishness of your own car. The concept is very simple. The driver drives to your home or office and drive you where you wish. They are reliable and trustworthy option for you. Outside service is also available. This service is also available in all occasions and destinations, local and long-distance. You can contact call taxi or cab or airport taxi provider and they will report the customer within one hour. Drivers present in their duty with designated uniform. They have ID card and charming appearance. Drivers are highly skilled and punctual in time with discipline for your safe and comfortable journey.

Extension of call taxi service

Favourite call taxi service of Mumbai has started its operations in Kolkata. You will get economical and efficient taxi service in Kolkata with its reliable and affordable taxi service. Services introduced are local travel point to point travel within Kolkata. Fixed – route, airport transfer, outstation travel and half day and full day packages. Entire fleet is equipped with state of the art live location tracking system. Phone support is accessible throughout the clock.

Call taxi services in Kolkata

You can contact through the phone lines that are opened for radio cab service in Kolkata.

It is still in early stages in Kolkata to bring the type of call cab service that makes the residents of the city proud. Following points are important to remember:

  1. 1 hour pre-booking:
  2. Airport and train station
  3. Shared taxis

The rates are very easy since we send normal yellow cabs, the rate is simply meter rate plus 10% booking fee.

How payments are processed?

Your payments are processed through CC Avenue Payment Gateway that is certified. Your payment will be sent to the respective financial institution and as you wait a processing screen is displayed. The payment cannot be canceled in this stage. You will generally get an approved or declined response from the financial institution within minute. If your payment becomes successful, you will get informed that your payment is accepted. If your payment becomes unsuccessful, the service will inform you why your financial institution has declined the payment.

Different payment options

Several payment choices to make a payment are Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, mobile banking and other secured payment processing cards.

Type of credit cards allowed for payment

At present VISA Cards, American Express, JCB cards are accepted by the CC Avenue payment gateway. Master Cards will be acceptable.

How can you change your booking?

You can change a booking by calling the customer support center and instruct them for a new booking according to your choice.

What you should do in case you loss booking request number?

An email and SMS will be sent to you regarding the booking confirmation that contains the booking request number. If you don’t get these you are suggested to call the customer support for the same.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cab, call or airport taxi you will not get it anywhere without a proper plan. A well thought out and clear plan will help you taking this matter seriously even you are new to cab booking. Even it is more vital, the process or plan to find a car will methodically guide you through every feature of your task and force you to think your idea in a holistic way. You should plan thoroughly, give yourself some time for success and also get prepared to innovate as you go. Unless taking right preparation you will be failed to book a cab or call taxi or airport taxi.



Your To-Do List

Step 1: You search online to find cab or call taxi or airport taxi booking service.

Step 2: Enter your city and location in the website of the service provider.

Step 3: You can search in a couple of websites to get their rates and fares of the taxi.

Step 4: Rates and fees of the service providers are subjected to varry.

Step 5: You may select one of them that suits your needs and budget

Step 6: Ensure that the service provider can give you the best quality driver along with the car.

Step 7: Judge which service provider can provide you the tailored service.

Step 8: Contact the service provider and let the driver driving you to the railway station or airport or wherever you want to go.